Child in the Womb - Protecting the unborn in Ireland -
A child in the womb is a person, not merely an organism.
Let your voice be heard and help prevent the legalization of abortion in Ireland. You can do so by printing off copies of the leaflet below and distributing them in your local community. Unless people who are normally 'quiet' or 'reserved' start raising their voices, the killing of children in the womb is likely to be legalized in Ireland. Abortion is not just a ‘personal’ matter, as supporters of abortion often allege, but a profoundly moral one. Even a child can see that killing children is wrong. We hope you have the courage to speak out, but please do so NOW, because if the Eighth Amendment is repealed, your loudly voiced objections thereafter will achieve absolutely nothing.
                                         For a foldable leaflet (back-to-back printing), click here         [The text of the leaflet is given below.]
"Just as you don't know the path of the wind, or how bones develop in the womb of a pregnant woman, so you don't know the work of God who makes everything." - Ecclesiastes 11:5
In many countries it would have been legal to kill both of these twins a few weeks before this photo was taken.
Iceland, Denmark and  other countries are now killing all unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome. If the 8th Amendment is repealed, it won’t be long before Ireland is doing the same.
These two children are among the last Down syndrome babies born in Iceland. 
Liberal Lament How much better my life would have been had I killed my son; but I waited too long. Now he's playing in the garden with his friends and having so much fun. How much better my life would have been  had I killed my son.
- Innocent Blood - Twelve simple questions for anyone who plans to vote in favour of repealing the 8th Amendment If   you   intend   to   vote   in   favour   of   repealing   the   8 th    Amendment,   you   will be   approving   a   law   to   kill   a   certain   category   of   person.   That   alone   should make   you   think   very   carefully   about   what   you   are   about   to   do.   Like   it   or not,    you    are    morally    accountable    for    your    actions.    So,    if    you    have decided   to   vote   in   favour   of   legalizing   abortion,   you   need   to   be   certain that   you   will   not   be   implicated   in   some   manner   in   the   killing   of   innocent unborn   children.   (Please   bear   in   mind   that   a   child   conceived   by   rape   is innocent.) We   are   not   talking   about   tax   laws   or   marriage   laws   or   immigration   laws. We   are   talking   about   the   'termination'   of   unborn   children.   It   is   doubtful whether   you   will   ever   again   be   asked   to   make   a   decision   which   has   such devastating   implications   for   two   other   groups   of   people   –   the   unborn   and their mothers. So,    if    you    have    already    decided    to    vote    in    favour    of    legalizing abortion,   you   should   be   able   to   answer   each   of   the   following   with   an unqualified Yes: 1.    I   am   completely   comfortable   with   the   fact   that   Ireland   may   very shortly    get    into    step    with    other    jurisdictions    where    it    is    lawful    to 'terminate'   an   unborn   child   with   Down   syndrome   right   up   to   the   time of birth -                …..YES / NO (circle one) [Iceland boasts that it has 'solved' the problem of Down syndrome. How? Simply by killing all unborn children with the condition.] 2.    I   am   completely   comfortable   with   the   'termination'   of   a   child   who,   at twelve   weeks'   gestation,   is   perfectly   formed,   has   a   beating   heart,   and who   fights   furiously   in   his   mother's   womb   to   prevent   the   surgeon   from killing him           …..YES / NO          [This can be seen on an ultrasound scanner.] 3.    I   am   completely   comfortable   with   the   fact   that   a   jurisdiction   which legalizes   the   killing   of   one   group   of   innocent   people   can   just   as   easily use   the   same   moral   argument   to   kill   another   group   of   innocent   people (such   as   'defective'   newborns,   the   bedridden   elderly,   or   the   physically and mentally impaired)   …..YES / NO [Younger   adults   who   vote   in   favour   of   repeal   may   find,   fifty   years from   now,   that   they   are   facing   'termination'   themselves   because   the total cost of their care in a nursing home exceeds a legal threshold.] 4.    I   am   completely   comfortable   with   the   fact   that   many   young   mothers will   grieve   in   silence   for   the   rest   of   their   lives   over   the   son   or   daughter whose tiny life they 'terminated'        …..YES / NO [Many   women   feel   the   full   emotional   impact   of   their   tragic   mistake when   they   give   birth   to   their   'first'   child   and   realize   that   he   or   she was really their second.] 5.    I   am   completely   comfortable   when   a   pregnant   woman   refers   to   her unborn    child    simply    as    a    "foetus"    because    she    plans    to    have    an abortion                                   …..YES / NO [This   highlights   the   stark   moral   contradiction   in   the   'pro-choice' position,   where   the   unborn   whom   one   plans   to   keep   is   a   child   but the unborn whom one plans to kill is a bundle of cells.] 6.     I    am    completely    comfortable    with    the    fact    that,    if    abortion    is legalized,   some   of   my   own   descendants   –   my   own   flesh   and   blood   will be 'terminated'   …..YES / NO 7. I am completely comfortable with the fact that billionaire humanists and atheists, like George Soros, and sundry others who despise the Bible, have helped to fund the pro-abortion lobby in Ireland                                         …..YES / NO 8.    I   am   completely   comfortable   with   the   fact   that   most   of   the   groups who    lobbied    for    abortion    in    Ireland    are    atheists,    radical    feminists, Marxists,     humanists     or     pagans     (at     least     one     member     of     the Government)               …..YES / NO [By   and   large   these   various   categories   support   the   morality   of   the New World Order which utterly rejects traditional Christian values.] 9.    I   am   completely   comfortable   with   the   fact   that   RTE,   TV3,   The   Irish Times ,   and   The   Irish   Independent    are   intensely   biased   against   the   pro- life    lobby    and    have    repeatedly    misrepresented    their    position    and suppressed information that would reveal the true tragedy of abortion                                              …..YES / NO [The   tragedy   concerns,   not   just   the   children   who   are   terminated,   but the   mothers   who   have   been   tricked   into   believing   that,   by   killing their unborn child, their lives will improve.]   10.    I   am   completely   comfortable   with   the   fact   that   the   adoption   of 'unwanted'   children   was   never   given   the   least   consideration   by   the Government,   the   media,   the   pro-choice   lobby,   or   vocal   supporters   of the Marxist/Humanist agenda   …..YES / NO [The    crass    hypocrisy    of    the    government's    position    ought    to    be evident.   For   social   or   economic   convenience   an   unborn   child   will   be killed. Thousands   of   prospective   adoptive   couples   would   gladly   give a   loving   home   to   the   child,   but   our   'leaders'   would   prefer   if   he   or   she were 'terminated.' This is a sign of a sick society.]  11.    I   am   completely   comfortable   with   the   fact   that   both   the   Citizens Assembly   (which   supposedly   considered   alternatives   to   abortion)   and the   Dáil   Committee   on   abortion   (which   was   supposed   to   be   impartial) were cynically designed to give the Government the outcome it wanted                                         …..YES / NO [Only   3   of   the   25   witnesses   heard   by   the   Dáil   Committee   were   pro- life.   Furthermore,   the   Government's   claim   that   the   Citizens   Assembly was representative of the population as a whole is simply false.] 12.   I   am   completely   comfortable   with   the   killing   of   unborn   children conceived   by   rape   or   those   whose   physical   condition   is   deemed   by doctors to be such that they will not survive birth     …..YES / NO [These   are   the   two   'trick'   questions   posed   by   atheists   and   humanists. They   sneakily   imply   that   the   unborn   child   in   these   cases   is   not   a child   at   all   but   merely   a   bundle   of   cells.   A   child   conceived   by   rape is   as   human   as   any   other   child,   while   a   child   who   suffers   from serious   health   problems   deserves   to   receive   optimum   medical   care, whether   inside   or   outside   the   womb.   We   don't   'terminate'   seriously ill infants. ] You   should   have   answered   'Yes'   to   all   12.   If   you   didn't   then   there's   a problem, and you know it. Now   ask   yourself,   is   there   really   anything   wrong   with   a   Constitutional provision   that   guarantees   equal    rights   to   both    the   mother   and   her   child? Remember,   once   it's   removed,   the   killing   will   start,   and   as   time   passes   it will only get worse. Why pretend that this will not be the case? You   don't   have   to   be   a   Christian   to   see   that   killing   children   is   wrong.   Just because   abortion   is   conducted   in   secret   and   the   bloody   mess   is   hidden from   public   view   does   not   make   it   any   less   abhorrent.   We   live   in   a society   today   where   people   get   upset   if   an   animal   is   maltreated,   but   will vote   in   favour   of   a   law   to   facilitate   the   killing   of   unborn   children   –   who are,   in   every   sense   of   the   term,   "innocent   blood."   We   truly   hope   you   are not one of those people. This   questionnaire   was   drawn   up   and   distributed   by   concerned   Christians who   believe   the   people   of   Ireland   are   being   led   blindly   –   by   amoral humanist   politicians   and   a   corrupt   media   –   into   the   greatest   spiritual catastrophe   of   our   time.   We   hope   it   will   help   the   electorate   to   focus clearly   on   the   gravity   of   what   they   are   about   to   do.   We   are   all   morally accountable. Atheists   may   sneer,   but   we   will   all   stand   before   God   one   day and face His righteous judgment: "Rescue   those   who   are   being   taken   away   to   death;   hold   back those   who   are   stumbling   to   the   slaughter.   If   you   say,   "Behold,   we did   not   know   this,"   does   not   He   who   weighs   the   heart   perceive it?   Does   not   He   who   keeps   watch   over   your   soul   know   it,   and   will He not repay man according to his work?"                                                                               Proverbs 24
Article   40.3.3         The   State   acknowledges   the right    to    life    of    the    unborn    and,    with    due regard    to    the    equal    right    to    life    of    the mother,    guarantees    in    its    laws    to    respect, and,    as    far    as    practicable,    by    its    laws    to defend and vindicate that right.
“Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all  such as are appointed      to destruction.” - Proverbs 31:8

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